Why Functional Disorders Are Serious Business

The second you hear that you have tooth decay or that infection is brewing, you go into full awareness mode. It’s time to fight that oral illness, make it go away, and restore your oral health! After all, you’ve been told since you were a tiny child that it’s very important to remain in the no-cavity club. However, when you learn that you’re experiencing what we call a functional disorder, this may seem very new to you. It may also strike you as less important. What you don’t realize, though, is that these types of concerns are also extremely significant! Let our Ankeny, IA team help with the reasons why.

They Can Cause Dental Damage

Functional disorders are dangerous for your oral health. They just impact it in a different way than hygiene-related problems. Remember, with hygiene concerns, it’s more about controlling the bad bacteria in your smile, so they do not lead to tissue damage, decay, and infection. With functional problems, it’s about keeping your mouth working correctly and balanced, so you do not end up with pain and damage. For instance, if you develop bruxism disorder, it causes you to grind and clench. This happens so much that it can fracture or wear down your teeth, cause jaw pain, cause sensitivity, and more. Remember to see us for treatment, so you can prevent damage!

They Can Cause Widespread Functional Damage

As mentioned, functional disorders can lead to further damage. It’s not just about the immediate problem, such as bruxism leading to worn teeth. Beyond that, you can end up with bruxism that leads to TMJ disorder, which then makes it very difficult for you to eat. Stop problems in their infancy to keep them from mushrooming.

They Can Lead To Overall Health Concerns

We remind patients that what begins as something that just seems like a minor annoyance can turn into something that negatively affects your overall health. For example, you may find bruxism to be annoying. However, over time, if you lose teeth and chewing comfort, it can lead to difficulty eating and nutritional deficiencies! If you ignore sleep apnea, it can lead to serious problems for the health of your body (including your heart and liver!). Treat functional disorders ASAP.

They Are Powerful Yet Treatable!

Don’t overlook the fact that though we remind you of the bad stuff, functional disorders aren’t so powerful that we cannot stop them. To the contrary, they’re easy to control and it’s generally simple to prevent damage. It’s just a matter of coming in for dental care!

See Us About Functional Disorders

Whether you’re experiencing sleep apnea or bruxism, you have a sore jaw, or any other functional concern is impacting your oral health, we remind you to visit our team to discuss treatment as soon as you can. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.