Why Talk About Tooth Replacement So Soon?

We know that when you already have one thing to deal with in regard to your oral health, whether it’s coming to grips with a tooth you have just lost (or one that you know is on its way out because you have a tooth removal scheduled), it can feel trying. In many cases, our Ankeny, IA team realizes that patients often tend to deal with issues in steps, first getting over tooth loss, and then moving forward with tooth replacement after some time has passed. The thing is, it’s often best to deal with both at the same time, considering replacement ASAP. Find out why!

To Minimize Time Spent Without A Tooth

We know that you probably aren’t thrilled at the idea of having an opening in your smile, not only because it negatively impacts your ability to use your smile but also because it may leave you feeling embarrassed about your appearance. So, when you talk with us about tooth replacement just as soon as you can, we can carefully plan to ensure you’re coming in to fill the opening and experiencing as little down time as is possible.

To Protect Your Smile’s Alignment

Remember that if you go too long with missing teeth, you are setting yourself up for possible misalignment. Each of your teeth acts as a sort of placeholder, which helps your smile remain organized in its current alignment. When you remove one tooth or multiple teeth, the teeth that are left behind may begin shifting into those spaces. So, when you replace teeth soon, not later, you keep that alignment in place.

To Keep Your Jaw Healthy

Note: This only applies to individuals who are considering dental implants! As you have learned along your journey, implants will help you keep your jaw tissue strong and healthy after tooth loss (the loss of roots can lead to jaw deterioration). Since the deterioration can begin almost immediately, the sooner you see us about tooth replacement with implants, the better!

To Prevent Emotional Upset

You might feel upset about your tooth loss. You may even feel upset about it before it begins! Fortunately, when you get a head start on getting your teeth replaced, you don’t have a lot of time to lament the loss of your tooth, the way you look, any issues with your speaking or eating, etc. You just focus on replacing that tooth (or teeth), so you get your smile the way it was!

Speak With Us About Tooth Replacement ASAP

Whether you just lost a tooth or you have a dental extraction on the books, remember that speaking with us about tooth replacement and planning as soon as possible is to your benefit. Call us soon to learn more! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.