Things To Do Before Summer Shows Up

No! We don’t want to stress you out about summer, causing you to completely overlook the fun of spring that’s going on right now. What we want to do is to offer you a handful of simple reminders that will allow you to relax throughout springtime without finding yourself faced with unsettling surprises when summer arrives. Remember: When you plan ahead, it makes keeping your smile health up so exceptionally easy! So, take our Ankeny, IA team’s seasonal transition tips into consideration for an easy time.

Check Your Checkup And Cleaning Off Of The List

Chances are good that you need to come see our friendly team for your dental cleaning and checkup at some point during the spring season. Why is this? Well, because you need this type of preventive visit once every six months, which equates to twice a year. Unless you’ve already seen us, it’s probably about that time! So, do yourself a favor: If you have any type of preventive dental care that is due before summer begins, whether it’s a cleaning or you need an additional visit to discuss bruxism, etc., come in to protect your smile health.

Schedule Stuff That You Save For Summer Vacation

Particularly if you’re a teacher and you have the summer off of you’re a parent and your kiddos have summer vacation, you often save certain things for summertime. Lots of stuff is easier to accomplish when school is no longer in session and that includes visits for smile health related care, such as dental cleanings and checkups, fillings, and especially children’s dental visits. However, we always remind patients that this is true for lots and lots of people. So, to ensure you get the visit you want scheduled at the date and time that work for you, call us now, rather than waiting for summer to begin.

Ask Yourself: Are My Teeth Summer Ready?

You might want to ask yourself, as well, if your teeth are really ready for the summer season. First, this depends on what summer means to you. It might mean hosting dinner parties. It might mean special vacations. It may mean you see relatives you haven’t seen in a while. No matter what, it often means patients wish their smiles were whiter, prettier, free of chips, etc. So, get those details taken care of before the hotter season arrives and you’ll be so relieved you did!

Prepare For A Smile Healthy Summer

Take a little bit of time this spring to ask yourself what you need to do in terms of preparation for the summer season. Whether you need to schedule care for yourself or a family member, give us a call soon! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.