Your Perio Health: Today, Tomorrow, Into The Future

Of course, you have some idea that your perio health is extremely important. After all, your gums and your teeth both need to be healthy in order for you to be able to enjoy complete oral health, so tending to gum issues is one key factor. However, you may not have a full scope of just how significant maintaining healthy periodontal tissue is for you today, tomorrow, and well into the future. As you might have already realized, to be sure you’re fully educated on the matter, our Ankeny, IA team has the info you might be missing!

Your Gums Today

Your perio health or lack thereof has a significant impact on your gums today. If they’re healthy, then you can look in the mirror and see a beautiful smile reflected there, with soft pink gums that are flat against your teeth. This framework of your oral health that supports your teeth is in no danger! However, if you’re having problems, you may see bright red gums, they may not feel very good, and they are not only in danger but also threatening the health of your teeth and more! If you notice a problem, contact us.

Your Perio Tissue Tomorrow

Now, let’s talk about how your perio health impacts your tomorrow. If all is well, then you are set up for good things! You can look forward to continuing your usual dental hygiene and care with us, as you make your way through life! However, if your gum health is in bad shape, then tomorrow, things will be worse. Remember that issues with your periodontal health include inflammation and the development of infection, which progress at a rapid rate. This begins as gingivitis but can become periodontitis.

Your Periodontal Health In The Future

When you have taken care of your perio health, even if it means occasionally dealing with gingivitis, and you’ve gotten back to absolutely wonderful oral health, then you’re protecting your smile in the long run. However, if you have allowed problems like gum disease to worsen until they’re full-blown periodontal disease (periodontitis), then you have inflammation that lasts a lifetime. You can keep it in check. However, the presence of this issue negatively impacts your oral health and can even lead to issues for your oral-systemic health (meaning it can have a negative effect on other functions of your body!). Protect those gums!

Consider The Significance Of Your Perio Health

Remember to visit our team for periodontal care the moment you think you may need it. Keeping your gum tissue healthy has a serious effect on your oral and overall health today, tomorrow, and in the future. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.