When You’re Avoiding Sugar This Easter

When you’ve decided to do your best to avoid sugar this Easter and to try to limit the sugar your kiddos take in, you know that you’re already fighting a tiny bit of an uphill battle. After all, over a month before the actual holiday even arrives, store shelves are stocked full of sweet treats composed primarily of sugar (with some additional sugar thrown in for good measure). What can you do, you ask our Ankeny, IA team, in order to still have a lovely time, as you create sweet memories, without the sugary treats that threaten your oral health? Well, we have some ideas!

Enjoy Those Eggs!

If you have spent quite a lot of time and energy decorating eggs, then don’t forget you may still put them to good use if you’ve kept some hard-boiled ones in the refrigerator. Perhaps they’re extras that you never dyed or that you just didn’t need for your little egg hunt. In any case, remember that they’re high in minerals that are good for your oral health, such as calcium and protein, so eat them any way you’d like! It’s certainly appropriate for an Easter celebration and it’s absolutely beneficial for your teeth.

Eat What The Easter Bunny Eats

What might the Easter Bunny eat? This might be a fun little activity to play with the kiddos when you’re looking for foods to enjoy that make Easter fun but that don’t include mounds of sugar. Of course, the Easter Bunny lives outdoors and eats things like carrots, greens, and lots of water! Make a little salad filled with chopped veggies (and some chopped hard-boiled egg, if you wish), for a fun healthy option!

Make A Bunny Fruit Platter

Of course, we remind you that it doesn’t have to be a bunny, however, bunnies are easy to design and are perfect for Easter. So, when you still want something sweet just not candy, stick with an oral health favorite: Fruit! Cut up fruits in varying shades. Think pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries. Arrange pineapple chunks on a platter for the bunny’s fur, use blueberries for eyes, and fill in the center of the ears and the nose with strawberries! You get the picture. Have fun, get creative, and then fill up! (Hint: Remember that you can choose any animal or symbol that works well for Easter, such as making an oval to represent an egg and layering different lines and zig-zags of fruit).

Enjoy A Fun And Smile-Healthy Easter

When Easter is on your mind and you’d like to make it through with your oral health (and the smile health of your kids) intact, don’t forget that we can help! We are full of sugar alternatives that will guide you. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.