Lightning Round: Those Professional Cleaning Benefits!

Of course, you have a general understanding due to hearing it over and over in life that professional cleanings are essential for your smile! Without them, bad things can happen. True, your brushing and flossing are also key but it’s not only about dental hygiene. It’s also about keeping up with those areas of care that you receive from our practice that mean your smile is going to continue to experience a wonderful level of health! However, you may not really understand why this is all so important. If the significance of cleanings does not yet resonate with you, our Ankeny, IA team suggests a quick lightning round of benefits!

They’re Crazy Convenient

First, we remind you that one of the top benefits of dental cleanings with our team is the fact that they are so convenient. You may scratch your head thinking, “Convenient? But I have to come in for a visit!” Remember: You see us just twice a year and these visits offer you surprisingly powerful prevention against all sorts of problems! That’s some serious convenience.

They Remove Serious Problem-Causers

Now, about all of that stuff your dental cleanings help you avoid: Remember, during a cleaning, we remove plaque, tartar, and debris. You walk out of our practice free of this buildup that is full of bacteria and that is a direct cause of a long list of problems that you definitely don’t want to deal with, including tooth decay, gingivitis, infection, and more. See? Just two annual visits to keep your smile healthy really is quite convenient!

They Help Prevent Tooth Loss!

Piggybacking on the previous benefit of dental cleanings removing plaque and tartar, which can lead to serious problems for your oral health (such as gum disease and decay) is the fact that this is a multi-faceted advantage! Of course, by seeing us for cleanings as part of your preventive dental care, you can enjoy a smile that’s healthy and that doesn’t really need much in the way of restorative care. Remember, though, that this means you’re also keeping yourself far, far away from the likelihood of tooth loss caused by hygiene-related illness. Good for you!

They’re Making Your Care At Home Better

As mentioned, when you receive professional dental cleanings with us, we’re removing an accumulation of plaque and tartar that you cannot do on your own. With that said, you head home and you brush clean teeth for effective prevention, rather than continuing to clean only partially clean teeth, which is not the most successful method of care!

Keep Dental Cleanings On The Brain

Make a mental note to remember to schedule your dental cleanings with us once every six months. See us for these visits two times each year (which also include checkups) to promote a very healthy grin. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.