Small Changes That Mean: Call Us!

It’s true that just about any smile change you cannot exactly identify or that points to a need for professional dental care is a good reason to call us. However, today, our Ankeny, IA team would like to remind you of what we call small smile changes. They are those issues that seem quite insignificant or that are subtle, so you don’t react too strongly to them. They are also those issues for which you should schedule a dental checkup, even though your perception may be that everything is probably A-OK! Let’s run through some examples, so you feel more confident about calling us for anything!

Breath That Seems Less Fresh

We know that when your breath seems like it’s just a little less fresh than usual, you make take no notice. Sometimes, it’s because you’ve been dealing with allergies, you ate something very smelly the night before (and for breakfast and lunch, too), etc. However, we remind you that when you have bad breath that might be mild but that just never ever seems to fully go away, this is a reason to call us to schedule a dental checkup. It may be the beginnings of what will become very bad breath, which may be connected to oral health issues that require our care!

A Sticky Sensation In Your Mouth

If your mouth feels sticky, you may just pass it off as an annoying sensation, drink some water, and ignore it. If it clears up right away, thanks to a few swigs of H2O, then no biggie! However, if you realize that you’re dealing with a sticky or tacky feeling on a pretty regular basis, you should contact us and come in for a dental checkup. You may have dry mouth that is persisting and that can lead to consequences you don’t realize are on their way, such as tooth decay. See us soon, so we can fix things!

Occasional Discomfort That Crops Up

It’s one thing to have a terrible toothache that bothers you and causes you to feel the immediate need to contact us. Then, there’s minor discomfort that shows up only sometimes but that then goes away for a while. It may fly under the radar for you but we encourage you to pay attention. It’s much better to schedule a dental visit and to receive any required restorative care now, rather than giving any existing issue time to blossom and cause damage (and even greater discomfort).

Call Us For A Visit Today!

Don’t ignore little changes to your oral health that are certainly not positive in nature. When you recognize a shift, contact our team as soon as you can to set up a dental checkup, so we can protect your smile! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.