Smile Details: Stuff You’re Not Necessarily Getting Right

You know how there are sayings that we seem to just take as fact? Perhaps you are someone who frequently makes comments like, “More is more!” and you figure that it applies to your smile care, just as you apply it to nearly everything else! Maybe you have come to believe that as long as something is natural, it’s best for your self care. While we understand how these types of beliefs come to be, our Ankeny, IA team also reminds you that this doesn’t necessarily make them true! Allow us to help you check in on a handful of things you just might not be getting right, so you know you’re keeping your oral health safe.

Natural Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Safe

Yep, you might be hearing quite a lot lately about the benefits of going “all natural.” This is something you might apply to just about anything! While there are most certainly instances in which choosing the natural route is a fantastic and effective option for you, don’t forget that it can also prove to be dangerous if you’re not careful. A good example in terms of your oral health? Let’s talk about teeth whitening! When you receive it with our practice, though it is not 100 percent natural, it’s safe, it doesn’t harm your smile, and it offers exceptional brightening.

Now, imagine you decide you want to whiten with a natural method of using lemon juice. This happens to be extremely dangerous for your teeth! Sure, it’s natural because it comes straight from a lemon. However, that lemon is highly acidic! Instead of safely whitening your teeth, you will be attacking your enamel, as you weaken your teeth. Just because it comes from nature doesn’t mean it is better or consequence free.

More Isn’t Always Better

We know that you may have a “more is more” mentality. When it’s about your oral health, though, you need to be careful! Keep in mind that you don’t need more than the recommended toothpaste, that too much brushing can aggravate or damage your smile, and that more pressure can strip teeth and irritate gums. Do your best to adhere to just the right amount.

Smiles Come In All Shades Of White

You may have come to assume that a truly beautiful, healthy smile should be bright white. However, we always remind our patients that smiles are naturally many shades of white but a super-white, colorless hue isn’t one of them. So, when you visit us for cosmetic care, keep a realistic outlook and you’ll be very pleased with the naturally lovely white shade you achieve!

See Us For Your Best Smile

Strive to achieve your best smile and oral health by not only taking care of your teeth and gums in the comfort of your own home but also by scheduling checkups and cleanings with our team every six months! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.