How Important Is It? Checkup Edition

Summertime is upon us! For many families it’s a sigh of relief and chance to relax. For other families its the start of the busy season of travel, summer camp and visits to and from relatives. In the hustle and bustle, don’t forget about dental checkups for you and your family. Dental checkups are very important to lifelong dental health, as they allow your experienced family dentist in Ankeny, IA a chance to catch up on health issues, thoroughly clean your teeth, keep a lookout for orthodontic issues in young patients, watch for signs of oral cancer, and more.

Checkups Allow Us To Get to Know You

Our patients are more to us than just teeth. We will ask about changes in your overall health, new medications, and other general health issues. Are you proud to have finally stopped smoking? Teeth-whitening might be a way to reward yourself, and remove tobacco and other stains from your teeth. Expecting a baby? Women’s oral health can be affected by pregnancy

Checkups Allow Us to Really Clean Your Teeth

You probably brush twice and day, and that is a necessary step to taking care of your teeth and reducing the chance of cavities. Our talented dental team has tools and technology that can do more than you can do at home. For example, the little spots of plaque you miss when brushing can harden into tartar. A dental hygienist can careful scrape away tartar, preventing permanent damage to tooth enamel.

Checkups Allow Us to Check For Signs of Trouble

If you notice a problem between appointments, please let us know. We may notice something that you miss. There are spaces in your mouth you cannot see, and signs and symptoms you may not know need extra exploration. For examples, X-rays can reveal when teeth are poorly positioned and likely to cause trouble later. Some lumps, bumps or white patches (all early signs or oral cancer) can be deep inside your oral cavity, where you are unlikely, or unable, to see them.

Checkups are Important to a Healthy Smile!

Dental checkups have many benefits to your lifelong oral health. Not only do we like to see you, but we can make sure everything is as it should be, dentally speaking. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.