Smile Care: Beneficial Changes For Morning

How is your morning experience going in terms of your smile care? Would you say that you have your approach, technique, and plans so down pat that there’s absolute zero room for improvement? If you’re slowly shaking your head from side to side, then don’t worry: You’re not alone! The morning time is often full of what may feel like too many things to do before you fly out the door to get your day started! So, allow our Ankeny, IA team to help you out with some beneficial changes that might make caring for your grin that much easier!

Stop Sweetening Your Coffee

True, if you’re starting your day with a cup of coffee, it’s acidic, which isn’t ideal for your oral health and it can certainly lead to staining. However, there are other culprits that are far more acidic and damaging that you may consider for your morning beverage (such as fruit juice!). With that said, remember that when you load up your coffee with sugar and other sugary additions, you’re making it even more potentially damaging to your smile (and you’re increasing the chance that decay will follow). Try to keep it simple and remember to rinse with water when you’re through!

Get Up A Tiny Bit Earlier!

We know that you may be like many patients who explain that they would be happy to brush and floss but they always feel like they’re short on time! What to do? Well, remember that brushing only takes two minutes per session. Remember, as well, that you’re free to floss at night instead. So, really, if you were to set your alarm for morning just a couple minutes earlier, you’d have all the time you need for smile care. How about that?

Set A Dental Hygiene Phone Reminder

Maybe you have time for smile care. However, what you don’t have is a great memory. Somehow, it’s the thing you remember you were supposed to have done only once you’ve left for work or class! Here’s what we suggest: Use your phone to set an alarm that will remind you to complete your dental hygiene! Easy.

Enjoy Easier Smile Care Each Morning

Always keep in mind that when you are struggling with absolutely any part of your smile care, whether it’s related to technique, products, or even a particular part of the day, our team is pleased to offer help! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.