What’s Gone Wrong With Your Smile Routine?

Has something gone terribly awry with your smile routine? Is your home dental care sort of on track but not as streamlined as you’d like? Maybe when we talk with you about your routine, you secretly think to yourself, “Routine? What routine?” Whatever the case, our Ankeny, IA practice is pleased to inform you that you can always get your efforts in smile protection right back into exceptional working order! It’s just a matter of doing a little bit of honest self-reflection and taking our suggestions to heart, so you can get back to the brushing and flossing you need to do on a daily basis with a smile on your face!

Is It Not A Routine Anymore?

Would you say that you don’t really have a dental care routine? Instead, what you have going on is more of a random attempt at brushing and flossing when you think of it and when you have the time? If this is the case, then we remind you to get back into a steady routine because you really need one! Otherwise, smile care becomes frustrating and difficult to keep up with. Brush in the morning. Brush in the evening. Floss either morning or evening. Side time aside specifically for these details!

Is It Missing Something?

Of course, the goal of your dental care routine is for you to very easily be able to keep your smile clean and safe from the development of issues that could require restorative care. However, if it’s missing something, then you’ll really only be doing a partial job at keeping your smile clean, which means your smile won’t actually be clean. You see where we’re headed here: To enjoy efforts that pay off, you need to be quite thorough, which means your routine needs to include every single detail required! If you are only brushing twice daily but not flossing or, if perhaps you are brushing once and flossing once, you know what we have to say about that: Get back on track with twice-daily brushing and once-daily flossing for a routine that works.

Are You Feeling Annoyed With It?

It’s easy to feel annoyed with your smile care routine when you don’t like the stuff you’re using to accomplish it. A better idea? Try new products. You won’t believe how much more enjoyable the experience becomes. Hoping for some suggestions? Come in for a dental checkup and let us help!

Get Your Smile Routine Up And Running

Talk with our team about the smile care that you practice at home, so we can help you with the details if you feel your routine has lost its steam. Keep in mind that we can always offer helpful advice for your oral health! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.