Easy Choices For Daily Smile Protection 

You make choices all of the time! Sometimes, it’s something you’re very aware of. At other times, you may be on autopilot, doing something without much additional consideration (however, it’s still something you’re choosing to do!). Since it’s often easy to overlook this particular fact about how we live our daily lives, our Ankeny, IA team is here for a quick refresher! Consider some easy choices to make, so you can feel absolutely sure you’re making decisions that will ultimately benefit your oral health in the long run!

Don’t Carry Stuff With Your Smile

We remind you to avoid using your smile to carry things at all costs. Need to make two trips from your car and into your home to carry the groceries in? Do it! Don’t carry an extra bag with your teeth! Need to walk from one side of your home to the other with a bunch of stuff in your hands but you can’t manage it all? Make multiple trips! Be careful and be sure that you’re not putting your teeth in this situation. It could cause serious damage you didn’t realize might occur!

Do Drink Water (Or At Least, Rinse!)

Good news! If you don’t already drink water throughout the day (or at least rinse with it after meals and snacks), then this is a decision to start implementing. When you make H2O a serious part of your life, you’re consistently flushing your smile, so it stays cleaner throughout the day. A cleaner daily smile means better oral health over time. Plus, water is good for you in lots and lots of ways, many of which benefit your smile (like remaining hydrated, which prevents dry mouth, which prevents bad breath, cavities, and more!).

Make The Decision To Always Brush And Floss

You may already be making the decision to take good care of your oral health every day. How do you do this? You brush and floss. With that said, some patients do this, while others usually do this. Unfortunately, if you sometimes skip brushing or flossing, you’re setting your smile up for potential harm. Make the most of your efforts by choosing to always follow through with your smile care efforts. It’s worth it.

Call The Same Day Symptoms Appear

Notice a change? Pain? Some other symptom? Call us the same day, so we can see you ASAP to keep your oral health safe!

Make Daily Dental Care Easy And Effective 

Remember that when you think about your dental care in terms of daily choices you can make for success, it’s actually very easy to protect your teeth and gums! Call us when you need a visit or further information! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.