Smile Care: Your “How Often” Questions! 

When you’re given an instruction to do something that’s beneficial for your oral health, you tend to immediately have a question or two that follows. In a lot of cases, one your primary inquiries is going to begin with, “How often…?” For instance, you know that you need to brush your teeth every day, in order to keep your teeth and gums safe. However, you need to know, how often to ensure you’re on track with smile that will prove effective? Though it may seem like there’s tons of information to memorize, our Ankeny, IA team is happy to remind you that the details in regard to frequency are actually simple to store in your memory bank. Plus, once you’re on track, you’ll get into a groove without even having to think about it!

How Often Should I Brush And Floss?

We want you to keep in mind that how often you brush and floss is always going to remain the same. So, when you commit this one to memory, it will always help you keep your smile safe, whether you have all of your natural teeth in pristine condition, you’ve received a filling or crown, you have tooth replacements, etc. Remember:

  • You should brush two times, each and every day
  • It’s best to brush in the morning and then again in the evening
  • You will want your brushing to take two minutes each time
  • You should floss one time, each and every day, according to the pace that works for you

How Often Should I Visit You?

How often should you visit us, you ask, in order to keep your oral health safe? This includes a fixed answer and then a variable answer! Consider the following particulars that you can easily remember:

  • In terms of preventive care, you should always see us twice each year for your cleanings and checkups. These are a part of complete prevention that you will need no matter what, whether your smile is in perfect condition or not. Set up visits every six months.
  • In terms of restorative care, you should see us when we suggest it.

How Often Does Poor Care Cause Serious Consequences?

When you’re lax with care, it almost always causes consequences. So, keep your oral health safe with consistent prevention and restorative care when required. That way, you prevent most problems (and, should any occur, you treat them before they cause serious concerns).

Get Your Questions Answered With A Checkup

When you come in for a dental checkup with our team, you have lots of time to learn everything you need to know. Come in soon, so we may examine your smile, while we provide you with answers! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.