Gear Up For Fall Cavity Prevention! 

The fall season is inching its way ever closer, which is both lovely in terms of the crisp weather, festivities, and more that will soon be here … and then possibly not-so-lovely if you don’t feel like you’re entirely prepared to protect your oral health from the development of cavities! What to do, as an onslaught of changes is approaching, many of which make it much easier to accidentally put your smile in the path of lots of sugar and other dangers that promote cavity formation? Why, take some serious hints from our Ankeny, IA team, of course, that will help you feel geared up and ready to go as autumn makes its arrival.

Is It Time For Your Next Cleaning?

Depending on the preventive dental care schedule that you keep, you may be approaching time for your next visit with us! We encourage you to remember not to get too swept up in the beauty and excitement of autumn to the extent that you forget all about scheduling your next dental checkup and cleaning. Remember, whether it’s due soon, over autumn, or once winter arrives, having it on the books means you’re ready to protect your oral health from cavities with ease!

Prepare The Water: The Pumpkin Spice Is Coming

All of those fall favorites will suddenly start showing up in your life again, which means you may find yourself suddenly sipping on pumpkin spice beverages, hot chocolate, eating turkey-shaped cookies, and more. Prepare by remembering to have water on hand, so you’re ready to rinse after each sip or nibble of a treat. It’s good for your oral health because it helps prevent cavities (and more).

Don’t Let Shorter Days Impact Your Hygiene

Yep, it’s going to get darker earlier and earlier and then daylight saving will come into play! While you may be used to brushing your teeth quite late in the evening because it remains light for so long, you may want to start backing that time up a bit every day. The goal? To be certain you brush and floss before you get too sleepy, before you fall asleep watching TV on the sofa, and definitely before you retire to bed for the night. When you keep up with your dental hygiene every single day, all year long, regardless of the season, you’re doing your part at home to ensure you’re keeping tooth decay at bay! Need help or suggestions? Just let our team know!

Keep Your Smile Healthy All Year Round

As fall approaches and summer is on its way out, remember to schedule your next dental checkup and cleaning with us! Remember, as well, to ask for any advice you need for success as the seasons change. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.