Skinny Teeth, Wide Teeth: What To Do?

You may look in the mirror and think to yourself that you have skinny teeth, which you’re not too thrilled with. On the other hand, you may glance at your reflection and wonder why your teeth are so wide and wish you weren’t dealing with any type of overlapping (but you are). Then, of course, there are patients of our Ankeny, IA practice who find that they’re dealing with a combination of esthetic concerns. Whether you have one, two, or multiple worries on your mind and what you want most of all is to receive the right cosmetic treatment to make your smile look nicer and in better harmony with your other features, it’s time to come in to see us!

In Order To “Widen” Skinny Teeth

First, let’s talk about helping with your skinny teeth. The truth is, they may be slim or you may just have multiple gaps in your smile. Whatever the case, we can make it look like teeth are wider (and you are no longer dealing with any gapping) by relying on a cosmetic treatment we know as dental bonding. We will use composite, a material we use for white fillings, which we will match to the shade of your existing teeth. Then, with careful molding, curing, and polishing, the finished product will simply look like wider teeth!

In Order To Address Wide Teeth Or Mild Overlapping

While you may not be dealing with true overcrowding in your smile, you may still dislike the appearance of teeth that don’t quite rest flush next to one another. In order to help with creating this change, so your teeth look as though they’re not quite so wide (and so they can be neighbors, rather than one resting slightly in front of the other), we will suggest tooth contouring. We will use a buffing instrument that gently removes a minuscule bit of tissue for beautiful results, thanks to a simple cosmetic treatment.

When You’re Dealing With Both

Are you upset about teeth that are too wide? Too skinny? Did you nod your head to both questions? When this is the case, we remind you that it may be time to consider both bonding and contouring or to instead think about selecting porcelain veneers for your smile. Find out how making custom choices for each detail of this cosmetic treatment will give you just what you want!

When It’s A True Misalignment

Recognizing that what’s going on with your smile is probably less about just esthetics and more about true misalignment? We will be happy to refer to you a trusted orthodontist!

Improve Your Smile Uniformity Today!

Take time to sit down with our friendly team to discuss addressing the dimensions of your teeth and your smile’s uniformity, so you can feel happy with the outcome of cosmetic care. See us soon for a personalized plan! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.