Children’s Dental Care Reminders: For Fall!

As much as autumn is one of the most exciting times of year, thanks to the super comfy factor that comes along with the crisp weather, piles of russet-hued leaves (that the kids really want to play in), and more, our Ankeny, IA team has a reminder for you: It’s also very important that you don’t allow the coziness to whisk you away completely, as there are still some tasks that really need to be checked off of your general to-do list. Not to worry, however, in terms of your children’s dental care, they’re easy to accomplish, very beneficial, and will actually help you enjoy this time of year even more!

Make Sure You Schedule That Second Checkup And Cleaning

As fall is getting closer and closer, remember that your children’s dental care still remains just as important as ever. The first thing we remind you of is the same thing we tell you year after year, month after month! Remember to set up the second of your child’s dental checkups and cleanings for the year. Whether it’s due at the start of autumn or the end of winter, taking the time to get everything prepared right now will make coming in to see us very easy (as it will help you avoid scrambling for that final visit when the year is almost through!).

It’s A Good Time To Plan Out Winter Break

We know that for some patients, the break over the winter holiday season is extremely helpful because it means classes are out, kids don’t have any homework, you may have some free time, and you can accomplish lots of tasks that aren’t so easy to achieve when school is in session. Whatever it is that you have been trying to schedule in, in terms of your children’s dental care, remember to set it up right now! Lots of other parents are thinking similarly, so the sooner you schedule your visit or treatment with us, the better!

You May Want To Keep An Eye On Sugar

It’s no secret that with the arrival of fall comes the arrival of lots of sweet treats. They may come in the form of pastries, Halloween candy, drinks, and more! So, we just suggest that to protect your kiddos’ smiles, you remember to keep an eye on sugar. Do your best to incorporate other smile-healthy foods into the mix! Of course, you can also stick to remaining mindful of rinsing after eating sugary items (and remembering that following through with the essentials of children’s dental care, including brushing and flossing and visits is key!).

Keep Kids’ Smiles Safe This Fall 

Protect your children’s smiles this autumn by remembering to schedule their final preventive dental care visits for the year! Follow through with any additional care that may offer further safeguarding, as well. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.