Flossing: The Answers You Don’t Have Yet

The topic of the day is: Flossing and the fact that you have some questions you would love answers to … but you haven’t brought your inquiries up just yet! In some cases, you may feel a little embarrassed to broach the issue because you may feel like your question is something most people already know. In other instances, you might worry that you’ve been making the wrong choice for a very long time. To such worries, our Ankeny, IA team says: Ask anyway! Remember that the more you learn, the easier it is to continue to keep your smile very safe. So, of course, we welcome all questions about your oral health!

Yes, You May Floss Before Or After Brushing

We know that this is one of those oral health questions. The type that you figure has a very obvious answer, so it may be the type of thing you want to ask us about during each and every checkup but that you just haven’t mentioned yet. Actually, this can be confusing and is on many patients’ minds! You want to know if it’s better to brush and then floss your smile or to floss and then brush. While it seems as though there must be a definitive answer, there isn’t one. It’s more about finding what works best for your own dental hygiene and sticking with what provides optimal results. Want to discuss this further? Bring it up when we see you!

It’s Safe To Floss If You Have Washed Your Hands

You might wonder if it’s a very good idea to floss your smile, since you are always being reminded that sticking your fingers in your mouth can result in the transfer of germs! While we applaud this line of thinking, we also remind you that you’ll be in good shape if you simply remember to always wash with soap and water before performing your dental hygiene!

Yes, You Should Floss Even An Unhealthy Smile

Yep, even if your smile needs restorative care or otherwise at the moment, brushing and flossing must happen every single day or you’re just adding further concerns to your oral health.

No, Flossing And Bleeding Shouldn’t Go Hand In Hand

If you are under the impression that it’s normal to have bleeding gums when you floss, think again and call us! This points to possible gum disease, which we can help you with (but only if you come see us!).

Make Your Dental Hygiene Effective

Explain to our team that you are having trouble getting through flossing or ask us your questions if there are lingering uncertainties! Receive all of the answers you need for effective, comfortable dental hygiene. We can fill you in on all of the information you need. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.