Is My Smile Clean? Assumptions Versus Facts! 

If you’re really, really up-to-date and on top of the details associated with your preventive care responsibilities, then this is probably not something you frequently find yourself wondering about! However, whether you aren’t entirely sure about how to properly keep up with prevention, you have let it slide a bit, or you’re just curious about the particulars, our Ankeny, IA team is ready to offer guidance! Maybe you’ve just heard a rumor and you cannot quite decide if it’s true! Whatever, the case, let’s quickly run through what does (and does not) make a smile a clean smile.

Assumption: A White Smile Is A Clean Smile

Fact: Think about this detail. You have a smile that’s not very clean and that has some problems like decay. Now, imagine you were to receive teeth whitening (reminder: In reality, we would only provide you with cosmetic care if your smile was clean and healthy!). Now, in this scenario, your smile looks bright white. Is it magically clean and healthy simply because of the color change? The answer is no. You can have a very white smile that’s not clean or a discolored smile that’s very clean. One is not necessarily directly linked to the other.

Assumption: Brushing And Flossing Yields An Immaculate Grin

Fact: Of course, if you’re brushing and you’re flossing, then you’re doing part of what we suggest for your preventive care. You’re following through on daily dental hygiene, which is absolutely necessary! Without this, you cannot maintain a clean smile between visits. However, as for whether your smile is truly clean, this depends on one additional prevention-related factor: Whether you’re current on your dental cleanings with our team. If you are, then your grin is likely very clean. If not, then you probably have some buildup. Remember, you need brushing, flossing, and visits with us, too!

Assumption: No Bad Breath Means Things Are Good

Fact: Your breath may continue to seem okay for a bit, even if you haven’t been taking optimal care of your smile. Even if your smile isn’t actually clean at the moment! As a result, you may guess that you can simply wait until your breath smells before you brush and floss and worry about cleanings with us. However, this is the wrong approach. When you skip cleansing teeth and gums for even a day, you open the floodgates, allowing bacteria to run rampant, accumulate, for tartar to form, and for your future to likely include decay and gum disease. Keep teeth clean every day with brushing and flossing and always schedule six-month cleanings.

Keep Your Smile Exceptionally Clean

Remember that keeping your smile very clean is actually an exceptionally easy goal to achieve and maintain! Visit us every six months for a checkup and cleaning, practice dental hygiene at home, and you’re good! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.