Things That Fillings Bring To A Screeching Halt

You might think of dental fillings as something you just have to receive when you have a cavity, we tell you that this is the treatment you need, and that’s where the details end. However, our Ankeny, IA team asks: Have you ever truly considered just how far-reaching the benefits of agreeing to this restoration become? You know that you go from having a cavity to not having a cavity, of course, but we have a pretty strong feeling that if you knew what that really meant for your oral health, you might feel much more at ease and proactive about setting up your visit!

No More: Ongoing, Serious Discomfort

We want you to remember that when you choose to visit our team for a dental filling, you’re going to be allowing us to bring multiple things to a close. One of those details? Your ongoing discomfort that has accompanied your tooth decay will go away. Remember that when you have an open area in your tooth, nerves that are usually protected become exposed and vulnerable. Restoring your tooth gives you the protective structure back, so the discomfort goes away.

No More: Tooth Decay!

Your tooth decay will come to a screeching halt, too, when you receive a dental filling! Why? Well, because when we talk about your filling, we’re really talking about the entirety of this restorative treatment. We will remove decayed tissue, remove bacteria, smooth the dental tissue within your cavity, and then fill the open area. The disease is removed, so the decay is gone. Translation: No more cavity, no more worry.

No More: Threat Of Sudden Breakage

When you have a hole in your tooth from tooth decay (or anything else), your tooth is far less stable than when it is whole. So, the longer you go without your dental filling, the greater the chance that your tooth breaks. Fortunately, replacing missing tissue with a restoration means you get your stable tooth back and no more feeling on edge!

No More: Ever-Growing Likelihood Of Infection

Just like a tooth with an opening in it becomes more vulnerable to breaking, it also becomes more likely to become infected. Remember that once the cavity is big enough or deep enough within your tooth, it may give bacteria access to the inner chambers (which will cause infection). When you receive a dental filling, your tooth is safe again.

Say Yes To A Filling Today

Choose to set up your recommended dental filling with our team by calling us as soon as you learn you have tooth decay. Easily bring your oral health status back to excellent by treating your cavity! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.