Your Ankeny Dentist Discusses: Important Implant Care Reminders

There’s just something about dental implants that makes patients feel as though they are accessing something that will require specialized care. We know, you may not have really known about implants until recently, the fact that they are placed through surgery is more complex, so you naturally expect maintenance that is also more complex. The beauty of this treatment, however, is the fact that it very closely replicates natural teeth. So, in reality, your Ankeny dentist reminds you that keeping them safe and clean (as you protect your oral health) is simple. Take a quick tour through the details with our Ankeny, IA team!

Reminder: It’s Very Easy

We find that we are often reminding patients that dental implants are very easy to care for. That is true on a daily basis, as well as on a much longer term basis. For instance, in order to keep your smile and your implants safe, your Ankeny dentist reminds you that you will only need to do what you always do. You’ll brush twice each day and you’ll floss once. As for the bigger picture, you’ll still come in for professional dental care for your prevention in the same manner that you always have. It’s still twice-annual dental checkups and cleanings. So, essentially, nothing really changes, which means it’s easy!

Reminder: You Can Always Ask For Help

We want you to remember, as well, that if you ever feel you’re facing a challenge with caring for your dental implants, you’re unsure about something, or you think you need to tweak your usual care or dental hygiene products a bit for a better experience, it’s going to be okay. You need only to get in touch with your Ankeny dentist, so you can ask questions, receive answers, and get back to easy maintenance that works for you.

Reminder: Implants Can Last For All Time!

Another very important thing to remember about caring for dental implants is the fact that the outcome is certainly worthy of continuing your usual efforts in dental hygiene and professional preventive care. When you keep your smile clean and healthy, you promote implants that can last for the rest of your years on this planet (and restorations that can last a very long time, as well).

See Our Team For Implant Care Guidance

Let us know when you have questions or need assistance in caring for your dental implants. Remember that all you need to do is schedule a dental checkup with us, so we may help you reach a conclusion! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.