What To Do For A Fantastic “See Ya!” Moment In 2019

There’s something so relieving and also satisfying about saying goodbye to the current year, as we welcome in a new one. On one hand, you can wave goodbye to anything that didn’t go quite right, as you look forward to a clean slate! On the other hand, it’s heart-warming to look back fondly on things that you’ve done well, as you give yourself a quick pat on the back. Now, when you apply this way of thinking to your smile care, our Ankeny, IA team asks: How can you make this “see ya!” moment fantastic (and what can you start doing better for 2020 ASAP)? Let’s help you use the next few months of the year to ensure you’re ready!

Sort Your Habits Or Uncertainty Out ASAP

If you’d like to say goodbye to this current year and hello to the new one without feeling as though you’re carrying bad habits from the previous year into the new one, then we encourage you to ask yourself how you’ve been doing with your preventive smile care. You know, the very foundation of your oral health protection! If you feel you’re not doing as well as you could, then don’t wait. Make changes today that will let you feel you’ve gotten back on track and you’re ready for a brand new 12-month stretch of smile care!

Make Sure You’ve Used Your Dental Benefits!

Of course, you really won’t want to bid adieu to the current year, along with unused dental insurance benefits! We remind patients to start looking at this detail right now, so you don’t end up with just a couple of weeks left of the year and not enough time to put your benefits to good use for your oral health!

Insert Your Gorgeous Smile Into The Holiday Season

Would you like to yell out, “Happy New Year!” as you think, “see ya!” to the previous year with a beautiful smile that you show proudly as the clock strikes midnight? If so, then call us up! You have time to come in for cosmetic care that will help you enjoy the entire holiday season with a grin you feel so happy to share.

Leave Oral Pain And Upset Behind!

Now, about the smile care you need. Take care of it right now (or, at the very least, schedule your visits), so you have plans in the works for a very healthy grin free of problems!

Enter The New Year With A Fantastic Grin 

Take care of any final details you need to achieve within the current year, so you may enjoy your holidays and then enter the new calendar year with a comfortable, healthy, and truly dazzling grin! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.