Your Breath And The Dental Care It Suggests You Need

Your breath is telling you things all the time but that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily picking up on the details. Of course, when things are fine, you don’t really pay a whole lot of attention to the scent that is leaving your mouth. It’s really when your smile starts to give off an odor that is worrisome or simply embarrassing that it piques your interest. However, what if our Ankeny, IA team told you that whether things are good, bad, or somewhere in between, it’s important to consider what your breath is implying in terms of your oral health? Interested? Good! You’ve got some helpful information to think through!

Your Perfectly Fresh Breath!

You may not really think about your perfectly fresh breath because, as long as it’s fresh, it’s not on your radar. However, we do want to remind you that good breath is still telling you something. It’s letting you know that your oral health is on track and that this means you still need to come in to see us for your checkup and cleaning (every six months) and that you’re doing a pretty good job. It means you’re on track and that staying there is going to be a breeze! (Hint: It doesn’t mean you can skip visits!).

Your Momentarily Yucky Breath

Dealing with momentarily yucky breath? This probably means you need some water, it’s time for your next brushing and flossing session, and that you may have eaten something that’s lingering in your mouth. Did you just brush and floss but things aren’t exactly fresh? It may mean that your oral health is okay but you forgot to brush your tongue!

Your Bad Post-Meal Breath

After a meal, if you have some bad breath but it goes away after you practice dental hygiene and your food has digested, then it means your oral health is fine. However, your food selection is quite potent and it’s going to continue giving you post-meal bad breath until you choose to eat something else or something milder!

Your Ongoing Unfortunate Breath

Now, if you have ongoing problems with the way your breath smells, then this means more than that it’s time to brush and floss or that you ate something strong. Instead, it means that you have fallen behind with your preventive care and/or that you are dealing with a problem like decay that requires restorative care. In order to find out the answer (and to solve the issue), just set up a dental checkup with us soon!

See Us For Assistance With Breath Concerns

Don’t let bad breath issues go untreated or unquestioned. Come in for a dental checkup with us specifically to find out what’s happening and how to regain your fresh-smelling breath when things change! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.