4 Ways To Better Your Smile Right Now

One of those aspects of dental care that can cause you to feel frustrated, to give into procrastination, etc., is feeling as though making improvements is always going to include a very long road. You want to change something right now to feel as though you’re making your smile better immediately but that sense of serious motivation can fizzle when you realize lots of what needs to be accomplished takes time. Lovely news: There are some things you can do (and really need to do) right in this moment that will get the ball rolling, so you’re on a path toward optimal smile health. Consider our Ankeny, IA team’s ideas and you’ll feel like you’re back on track in nothing flat!

#1: Assess Your Dental Hygiene

All aspects of your dental hygiene are important, when it comes to keeping your smile healthy. However, you may sometimes forget about this, particularly if you become accustomed to hygiene that’s almost right. So, something we suggest you absolutely take care of right now? Checking in on your dental care in your own home. Look through your products to ensure they’re not expired, that you like them, that you have what you need, and that you know how to use them. If anything requires replacement, go for it. If you have questions, just ask us when we see you! Write a list, so you don’t forget.

#2: Make A Shopping List

Make a list that you keep going! You don’t want to occasionally scribble onto a discarded envelope that you need a toothbrush because it will probably be a reminder that you lose and find much too late. Instead, incorporate your oral health needs in with any other shopping lists you tend to keep. Or, start a new dental care list in your phone! Whatever type of reminder system works for you, get it started ASAP and your dental hygiene collection will always remain stocked.

#3: Check Your Calendar

You can very easily check your calendar right this instant to find out when you have available time for the dental care you need. Whether it’s a checkup and cleaning with our team, a restorative treatment that we have strongly recommended (but that you have not yet followed through on), or otherwise, all you need to know to get started is when you’re available.

#4: Schedule The Visit You Need

Call us today. Schedule that visit. We will see you soon!

Make Your Smile Better Today

Take the steps necessary, starting right now, in order to bring your smile from its current state to one that is much better and that qualifies as including good oral health. Call our team to get your care scheduled! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.