Reasons Your Smile Looks Dim

Smile not looking like the brilliant, beautiful smile you envision before you catch a quick glance in the mirror? When you realize that your smile isn’t exactly brown or yellow or anything else but that it’s just dim or lackluster, our Ankeny, IA team reminds you of two very important things: First, that this is normal and we can most certainly explain what’s going on with your teeth! Second, of course, that we offer a full spectrum of cosmetic care (and more) at our practice that will ensure you can say bye-bye to that not-so-glorious grin and hello to the glowing, illuminated feature you would love to be showing off to the world around you!

It’s Not Very Clean At The Moment

You might be brushing (sometimes) and flossing (some of the time) but if your smile isn’t extremely clean, it might look as unclean as it is! Remember that the secret formula to a smile that’s clean and, as a result, has the chance to look its best includes brushing two times a day, flossing one time a day, and incorporating our care into the mix (that’s two cleanings and checkups with us each year, six months apart). If you’re behind on even one aspect of this formula, then you probably have some plaque and tartar coating your smile, which just might account for the dim appearance. Contact our team soon for a visit, so we can help you get all caught up (and offer cosmetic care, should you require it)!

It’s Collected Stains

Your smile may have collected some stains along the way. It may be the result of consuming staining foods and drinks. It can also simply end up happening no matter what you do (even if you care for your oral health with great attention to detail) because your teeth are porous. Over time, the result of general use (something we call wear and tear) causes your initially white, nearly immaculate smile to look somewhat dingy. We offer teeth whitening and other cosmetic care options to help with that!

Your Enamel Is Damaged Or Thin

If your enamel (outer tissue layer) has become damaged and thin as a result of prolonged exposure to acids, due to physical wearing, or otherwise, your smile may look somewhat dim or yellowed. See us for help with this oral health concern, so we can help you regain the health of your teeth and their beauty, too!

Revive Your Smile’s Brightness

Get your smile’s beauty and brightness back, when you visit our team to learn more about the way we can help you attain a whiter grin with dental care! Consider the treatment we suggest for improvement! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.