A Smile-Safe Halloween: Sugar Free Fun! 

Yep, it’s entirely possible to find more than just diving into the deep end of sugar consumption on Halloween to be a lot of fun! Not sure that your thoughts at the moment are stretching very far beyond your trick-or-treating plans with the kids, getting to finish off the bag of candy you purchased for trick or treaters that will visit your home, and the plans you had to bake an orange-and-black cake? We understand. Our Ankeny, IA team also knows that whether you’re hoping to find a way to experience a sugar-free holiday (or if you’d just like some alternative options to add into the mix), having some ideas (that are safe for your oral health) on hand is always beneficial!

Watch A Scary Movie!

Don’t forget that a huge part of Halloween is the scary, creepy crawly side! If you happen to enjoy a good scare, then focus some of your attention on enjoying a scary movie! It’s a crowd pleaser, it will absolutely not impact your teeth at all (meaning, it’s not going to encourage cavities like a bowl of candy will), and you can still feel like you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the holiday!

Read Some Ghost Stories

We happily remind you that another enjoyable way to spend the day, while you are sure you’re adhering to what Halloween is all about (as you keep your oral health safe) is to read some ghost stories (or tell the ones you have memorized). Sit around with friends and loved ones, as you go around the circle telling tales!

Make It All About Dental Hygiene

Yep, we know you probably won’t be jumping for joy over this one, but you can always include it as one of your activities if you’re short on ideas (or if you have kids and you’ve been looking for an opportunity to go overboard with hygiene information, as you get everyone on track, and excited, about smile care). Head to the store for some orange brushes, cool toothpaste, and more!

Cook A Smile-Safe Halloween Dish!

Hey, now! You can most definitely enjoy eating on Halloween but without worrying about your oral health. Keep the sugary stuff out of your recipes and instead, opt for anything that you think fits the theme. Maybe you stick with all things that are orange and black (a black bean and cheese taco, perhaps?). Maybe you’re into salads, so you add blackened chicken, orange peppers, cheddar cheese, etc. Or, you lean into the fall theme with a pumpkin dish! Get creative and you’ll find it’s quite a lot of fun and safe for your smile.

Find Sugar Alternatives For Smile Protection 

Remember that even when the focus of the day is sugar, there are always ways around putting your smile in danger! Talk it over with us, when you’re wondering how to shift toward better smile care. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.