Dental Bonding: The Little Fix With Big Results! 

So then, what really is dental bonding, you’re wondering to yourself? You’ve heard about it before but you don’t know that you necessarily really understand what it does for patients, what type of care it provides, or whether it may be able to help you and your smile. In short, it’s a cosmetic dentistry treatment that relies on composite (a moldable material) that we can use to add to your smile. As for the more intricate details and how it offers little repairs for big, impressive results? Our Ankeny, IA team is prepared to offer a hefty dose of information that will make you feel so much more knowledgeable!

It’s Strictly For Esthetic Purposes

Talking about smile repairs can become confusing for patients, when they find themselves asking if it’s an oral health repair or a cosmetic repair. When you’re learning about dental bonding, remember that it is strictly provided to help with the way your smile looks, which means it’s meant for esthetic improvement. It is not a treatment we provide to fix damage to your oral health (that’s what restorative care like fillings and crowns are for). Think you need a little fix for your grin? Call us!

It’s Mostly About Those Little Issues

Need to address widespread problems, discoloration, textural issues, spacing, and more? If so, you may be better off considering cosmetic care in the form of porcelain veneers, which can quickly address your entire smile, as you customize every last change. However, when you’re considering dental bonding, we remind you that this is most frequently used for a small repair or a handful of little issues. Maybe you have one or more chips, a stain (or a few stained teeth), a couple teeth that are an odd length or shape, etc. With the use of bonding, we can customize the shade of the composite, cover or essentially re-sculpt the problem site, and your smile will look dramatically improved as a result!

How To Get Going

Whether you aren’t sure if you need dental bonding or another type of cosmetic dental care or if you know bonding is for you and you would like to get going with improving your smile, your first step will always be the same: Contact our practice. Talk with our team about the goals you have and what you would like to accomplish. Set up a visit and come in!

Get In Touch With Us About Bonding

Let us know if a repair is likely in your smile’s future! Learn more about dental bonding and how it may benefit your smile simply by calling us to set up a cosmetic consultation! We look forward to seeing you! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.