Craving Those Autumn Treats: Try This, Not That, For Your Smile!

When fall shows up, the instant you feel that crisp chilliness in the air, all bets are off when it comes to your usual approach to eating. No matter what, you’re going to find yourself craving some autumn treats! Of course, the choices you make and the types of foods you select are well within your control, even if the weather does cause you to feel ready for comfort foods. So, what to do when it seems most of the foods you’re craving aren’t good for your oral health (or your general well being either)? Try out a “this not that” approach with our Ankeny, IA team, so you can achieve the experience you want in a much safer manner.

Something Rich And Creamy? Cheese Not Chocolate.

You know very well that if you eat lots of chocolate, you’re coating your smile in sugar. When you do so, you encourage the development of tooth decay if you aren’t very careful. While the occasional indulgence is perfectly fine (and while rinsing and taking care of your smile is very helpful), we remind you that if you’re not necessarily craving chocolate but instead, something rich and creamy for the autumn season, then consider cheese! It checks off the rich and creamy experience you’re looking for but it’s much safer for your smile. It’s beneficial, in fact! Protect your oral health with this high-calcium snack!

The Vibrant Hues Of Fall? A Colorful Salad, Not Sweets.

We know that those warm hues that show up during fall, and that mirror the changing leaves on trees, can cause you to feel very ready for similarly hued foods! You’ll certainly see many autumn-themed packaged items ready to go, from leaf-shaped and iced cookies to red, orange, and yellow candies! While they are yummy, if you’re really just looking for a warm-hued sight to behold (and to eat), consider a colorful salad instead! It’s beneficial for your oral health and is actually a much better way to mimic practically eating freshly fallen leaves! Top your greens with orange and red peppers, tomatoes, diced sweet potato, and even some berries!

Food To Warm You Up? Soup Not Hot Cocoa!

What begins as one cup of hot cocoa can turn into a daily dessert and spirals out of control! Meanwhile, you’re guiding your oral health toward possible decline, while encouraging discoloration, all while consuming lots of sugar. Why not try a nice bowl of soup instead, so you’re keeping your smile safe, warming yourself up, and enjoying lots of nutrients, too!

Safeguard Your Smile This Autumn

Make choices throughout the colder months that will allow you to indulge without accidentally putting your smile in harm’s way. Need help? Schedule your next dental checkup and cleaning with our team! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.