Why Address Your Sleep Issue In Early Fall?

As you likely already know, you should most definitely address any sleep issues you’re having any time of year because problems like snoring and sleep apnea can negatively impact your health and your comfort any time of year. With that said, today, our Ankeny, IA team would love to delve into what makes autumn a particularly good time to set up a consultation with us to discuss whether sleep apnea treatment may be something you need (and something you need to begin receiving immediately). Let’s get talking!

You May Have Travel Coming!

During most of the year, unless you’re quite the world traveler, you are likely working within a fairly set routine. However, as fall shows up, you find that you begin preparing for travel. The holidays are arriving! It’s not just one holiday but many, which continue into winter, and that can cause you to break out of your usual routine, as you visit friends and family. This might mean changing time zones, sleeping in new places, and changing your usual sleep schedule. If there’s any time you really need sleep apnea treatment, it’s now! We remind you that you don’t want an existent problem to become worse, when you’re trying to enjoy the season!

You Need To Understand The Contributing Factors

There’s more going on than you may realize in terms of factors that make sleep apnea worse. Remember, this is partly due to the collapsing, relaxing of throat tissues. However, the obstruction of your airways may also be due to additional concerns which make matters worse, such as maintaining extra weight, dealing with congestion, and consuming things that artificially relax your muscles. So: About fall! You may be consuming more alcohol in fun autumn drinks, more caffeine (which simply makes falling asleep harder), and you may be dealing with fall allergies or colds that contribute to difficulty breathing. Seek sleep apnea treatment with us (and address other concerns) for relief!

Hint: Because Today We’re In Early Fall

As mentioned, we aren’t suggesting you wait and only treat sleep apnea in the fall. What we’re saying is: Treat it right now! We are well into the beginning of autumn, so fall treatment means immediate action! Contact our team to schedule a checkup just as soon as you can, so you begin your sleep apnea treatment sooner than later!

Treat Sleep Problems With Us Right Now

Don’t wait another minute if you think you may be a patient in need of help for sleep apnea or snoring. Visit our practice to discuss your sleep disorder with us and to learn about potential, beneficial treatment! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.