Simply Put: Steps For Achieving An Amazing Smile

You know from what you always hear from our Ankeny, IA team and from the world of dental care in general that it’s absolutely possible to keep your smile in lovely condition. However, if you find that you feel somewhat unsure, conflicted, or confused about the simple steps that will get you to the point at which you know just how to achieve an amazing smile, it’s a bit disheartening. As mentioned, the steps are simple! Fortunately, we are more than pleased to line them out for you, so you’re ready to take control of your smile’s (exceptional) well being and future success!

Get Completely On Board With Prevention

Lovely news: If you want your oral health to be something you feel completely confident in, and you want an amazing smile, the basis for ensuring this happens is getting completely on board with preventive dental care. Why is this lovely news? Well, because it’s easy and it also yields incredible results. It allows you to avoid problems, rather than trying to deal with them once they have already formed. So, here’s what you need to remember:

  • At home, you should brush and floss every single day. This is going to include brushing your teeth two times per day, morning and evening. It also includes flossing one time per day, either morning or evening.
  • With us, you should schedule a preventive dental visit (cleaning and checkup) twice a year. Space visits out by six months for very consistent care.

Stop Looking At Restorative Care As “Bad”

You may think that restorative care is bad and means you’re not good at protecting your oral health or your smile in general. As a result, it may be something you avoid. However, here’s the truth: Accidents, damage, and even cavities can happen to anyone from time to time! Protecting your smile means addressing problems that may show up immediately, so your grin is healthy again. If you discover your smile needs a repair, don’t avoid it. Schedule it, feel proud to regain your smile health, and enjoy your amazing smile!

Choose Cosmetic Care As Needed

If an amazing smile, in your opinion, is one that looks just as fantastic as it is healthy, then it’s time to recognize it’s perfectly wonderful to consider this final step: Cosmetic dental care! It won’t impact your oral health but it will have a significant effect on your smile’s beauty.

Attain A Truly Beautiful Smile

Find out how to achieve your best smile with us, which includes a grin that is just as gorgeous as it is healthy! Start by simply scheduling a dental checkup with our team as soon as you have time! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.