Trick-Or-Treat: 4 Ways To Steer Clear Of A Broken Tooth!

There are some very easy ways to steer clear of a broken tooth on Halloween. Why do we say that, you wonder? Well, because there are also some very easy ways to accidentally break your tooth, when you’re out and about, attempting to enjoy an otherwise lovely trick-or-treating experience. While this doesn’t sound too appealing in the least, the good news is that we have the insight you need, so you can consider possible damage-creating culprits and avoid them completely! Don’t worry: Protecting your smile with our Ankeny, IA team’s suggestions won’t get in the way of your holiday and candy-eating fun! (However, we do remind you to rinse and brush after you indulge!).

#1: Get Real About Lighting Your Path

Of course, one of the super fun things about Halloween is the fact that the whole holiday is creepy, crawly, and dark. Who knows what might jump out from behind any corner or door? It’s an adrenaline rush, for sure! However, when you’re out trick-or-treating, it can actually turn dangerous if you cannot see where you’re going! All it takes is one misstep and down you can go, bringing your teeth with you. Avoid a broken tooth (and protect the smiles of your family members) but choosing a means of keeping your path well lit. We remind you that a lantern, light, glow stick, etc. sounds good!

#2: Know The Path You’re Taking, Too

Just because you can see where you’re going a couple feet in front of you doesn’t mean you can anticipate sudden changes if you aren’t sure about the path you’re taking. Again, if you’re out walking through the dark as you trick-or-treat, it’s a smart plan to have, well, a plan! Make choices ahead of time, so there are no hidden surprises that can make you lose your footing, which can lead to a broken tooth.

#3: Hold Onto A Hand, A Railing, Etc.

Hold onto something! Hold your kids’ hands while walking over uneven ground. Utilize hand rails, when they’re present. Just use your common sense and take it easy and you’ll have a wonderful evening without damaging your smile!

#4: Ditch All Questionable Candy

While there may be some candy you really want to eat, even though you know it can cause a broken tooth, we suggest simply sticking to what you know is okay and ditching something you know is a threat. Trust us, that single treat isn’t worth serious dental damage (and there are so many other choices to enjoy!).

Enjoy Trick-Or-Treating That’s Smile Safe

Keep up with the details in terms of how you can enjoy your trick-or-treating and the candy, too, all without ending up with a damaged smile. Need tips or dental care? See us soon to learn more! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.