National Brush Day: Adult Edition 

There are lots and lots of holidays that you are familiar with that show up after October begins. However, it’s very possible that there’s one you have never heard of and it happens to be good for your smile health! Not ringing any bells? That’s because it isn’t any of the usual favorites you may be coming up with. Instead, it’s National Brush Day! If the fact that it occurs every year, the very day after your Halloween celebration happens isn’t enough of a hint in terms of why this day has come about, then our Ankeny, IA team will be happy to spell out the details for you! (we have some helpful suggestions for how to enjoy your day, too!).

Planning On Halloween Candy?

Hey, there, grown-up! Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you don’t get giddy at the simple mention of Halloween because you really love your candy and you definitely plan on enjoying it, once the end of the month arrives. We understand. However, we also remind you to simply be careful. Follow your candy extravaganza with water (rinse your smile). Then, remember to brush about a half an hour later (or just go through your usual nighttime dental hygiene routine, if it’s time for bed). This will help you avoid contributing to cavity development!

Check In On Your Toothbrush

So, what’s all of this stuff about National Brush Day? You were having a nice time talking about Halloween! Well, as mentioned, they’re linked. Remember that you’re indulging in your candy and costumes on October 31st, which is followed the very next day by, you guessed it, a day completely dedicated to remembering to care for your smile! While it’s mostly geared toward kids, it’s for the benefit of every single person! Remind yourself on November 1st to brush twice that day (and to brush for two-minute sessions), so you’re keeping your smile health protected.

Check In On Your Brushing Habits

Would you say that your brushing habits are right on track for good smile health? If this isn’t something that you have considered in quite a while, then National Brush Day shines that spotlight on this issue, so you remember to take a moment to reflect. Not sure whether you’re doing everything absolutely right, even though you’re definitely brushing two times a day and you’re timing those sessions, which last two minutes each? If you have any additional questions or uncertainty, remember that these are always things you can bring up (and have clearly answered) during a dental checkup with our team!

Protect Your Teeth From Sugar Overload

Take a moment to talk with us about how to handle enjoying holiday time, as you make smart choices that will allow you to thoughtfully protect your teeth at the same time! Learn all you need to know during checkups. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.