Wave Goodbye To Smile Problems For A Long, Long Time

Smile problems are the type of thing that don’t sound so wonderful in theory and that prove to be much more frustrating, costly, time-consuming, and upsetting when they actually arrive! So, you may be wondering: Is there something that our Ankeny, IA team can share with you in terms of protecting your oral health that will allow to bid a final goodbye to issues like decay, gum disease, and more, for a very, very long time (if not forever)? Of course, we applaud you for seeking help from us, your team of dental professionals, and are happy to report that we most certainly have advice that will provide a solid impact!

Make A Choice To Prioritize Your Oral Health

The first step in saying goodbye to smile problems is making the decision to do so. It may sound simple and may even seem like a given. However, we remind you, that’s not always the case! You may think to yourself that you’d love to never deal with tooth decay again but then decide you’ll go to sleep without brushing and flossing just one more time. However, when you make a final decision to prioritize your oral health, you can then hold yourself accountable to that decision and ensure every additional choice you make falls in line with your goal!

Stop: Cutting Corners, Procrastinating, Rationalizing

Your goal is to say goodbye to problems that might require restorative care, of course, such as tooth decay, which may require a filling or crown. So, what you need to do is to become very honest with yourself about your dental care. Remember that in order to maintain your oral health, you have to follow through on prevention just as we suggest. If you cut corners, you procrastinate and don’t receive cleanings and checkups on time, you make rationalizations like “not flossing every now and then won’t actually hurt,” and more, then consequences will follow. Instead, simply stick to the guidelines and you will love the results.

Give Yourself Goals

Whether you include incentives or not, remember that setting goals for your smile health can be extremely beneficial! Of course, the main goals include your twice-a-day brushing, once-a-day flossing, and twice-a-year visits. To make it easier to follow through, you may wish to create your own goals in terms of how you will make it all happen. Perhaps you have a goal of doing everything right for a period of six months, which you finish off with a reward. It’s all about figuring out what works for you!

Get On Track With Your Six-Month Visits

Remember that when you get on track with seeing our team for dental checkups and cleanings, you get your oral health back on track, too! Get started by simply calling us up to set up your next appointment! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.