Wow! Easy Bedtime Tips For A Healthy Grin! 

In the morning, you brush (and you might floss, too) and you move forward into the day! You’re awake, you’re doing things, there are meals to eat, water to be rinsed throughout your smile, and more! However, your bedtime routine looks quite different. You know that there’s another dental hygiene session before you, only this time, your day is over. It’s time to go to sleep, during which you will simply rest. So, what can you do as you care for your grin to feel sure you’re making all of the right decisions that will let you dream, while your teeth, gums, and more remain protected? Our Ankeny, IA team has just the tips!

Don’t Eat (Anything)

Of course, you may eat dinner, you may have dessert, and you can enjoy snacks! However, what you should definitely not do at the close of the day is eat anything after you’ve brushed and flossed for the night. Remember that following dental hygiene with any type of food will promote the development of tooth decay. Why not go to bed with a clean smile instead, so you can actually enjoy the benefits of maintaining your smile care?

Yes To Water, No To All Other Drinks

Of course, remember that when we recommend that you avoid food before bed, this includes all beverages except for water, as well. Anything other than water will be acidic, contain some type of sugar, contain pigments, or contain something that is not good for your oral health. With that said, again, you make the most of your dental hygiene by following it with nothing but water, if you so desire.

Keep The Lights Low

If the lights are dim in your home and you head into the bathroom before bed to complete your dental hygiene, try not to turn on tons of bright lights. Instead, use a soft light or even a nightlight. We suggest this because when you go from a dim, cozy environment in which you are sleepy to a brightly lit one, your brain may think it’s the sun, may think it’s time to awaken and feel energized, and right before you get into bed!

Always Use Your Nighttime Treatment!

What type of oral appliance are you meant to be using when you get into bed? Whether it’s a mouthguard for bruxism disorder or anything else, always remember to practice this part of your dental care every single night to keep your oral health on track!

Make Bedtime A Good Time For Smile Care

Ask us all of your questions about your nighttime dental care, if you are uncertain about how you’re doing with your current approach. Voice your questions or concerns when we see you for your next checkup! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.