Cheers! Drinks that Support Your Smile

We are entering the family get-together and favorite food and beverage season, but that doesn’t mean your oral hygiene can’t be as good as ever. As you think about family dinners and special restaurant meals, your Ankeny, IA family dentist can offer suggestions to help prevent cavities and keep teeth strong and healthy without sacrificing the treats of the season. Use good sense and maintain your healthy home care habits, and you can sip cocoa with Santa or toast the new year without sacrificing your smile.

Say Yes to Calcium

Tooth enamel is the hard outer covering on the surface of your teeth. From infants to great-grandparents, your teeth never outgrow the need for this mineral.  When thinking of beverages, you can get calcium from milk, but also from hot cocoa made with milk and from dairy-based holiday eggnog. If you don’t drink milk, consider adding calcium-fortified products, like some orange juices, and some nut, oat and soy products, to your drink selection.

Limit Sugary Beverages

When given the choice, the less sugar that comes into contact with your teeth, the better. So enjoy that hot chocolate or flute of champagne, but remember to rinse your teeth afterwards, to help wash away the sweet residue. This limits formation of plaque, and helps prevent cavities, and the need for restorative care such as a tooth colored filling.

Consider Beverage Color

Teeth absorb color molecules from the foods and drinks you consume. That means that drinks with strong colors, such as red wine, coffee and tea can leave their mark in the form the stains that lead to a dull or off color smile. Our caring dental staff will tell you that you can’t go wrong by drinking water, but when you are celebrating with something stronger, choose clear or light colored beverages if you are concerned about teeth stains. You can also talk to our staff about cosmetic teeth whitening, the most common cosmetic procedure that dentists perform.

Support Your Smile with Smart Drink Choices

Enjoy a safe holiday season, and keep your smile at its best and brightest. Whether your taste runs to hot chocolate or vintage bubbly, we want to help you keep your smile healthy and attractive. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.