Hidden Holiday Damage Starting With “W”: Preventing Problems!

Of course, during holiday time, it would be lovely if we knew that the magic of the season could make our smiles immune to any type of damage! Unfortunately, our Ankeny, IA team sometimes finds that patients guess that this might be possible, only to emerge at the other side of the season with issues like cavities or other avoidable damage! So, to ensure you still have an absolutely lovely, beautiful time but without accidentally placing your oral health in jeopardy, we’ve got some very simple means through which you may protect that lovely grin of yours. Consider some possible problems you can prevent … they all start with the letter W … so you easily remain on track and enter spring with a completely healthy smile!

Whitening (Over The Counter Version)

Ah yes, the urge to whiten your smile might become quite intense during the holiday season. Usually, you may feel a little less than wonderful about your not-so-bright grin. However, when you suddenly realize that you’re going to be seeing lots of family and friends, that you’ll be heading out to social events like dinners and parties, that you’ll likely be in a lot of pictures (that may be posted on social media), and more, the way you feel about discoloration changes. We know that you may feel compelled to rush out for whitening you can pick up at the drugstore and do at home. However, it’s better to come in to see us for any cosmetic care you want. Our formulations and approaches won’t harm your teeth. Unfortunately, the stuff you buy at the store is likely to damage your oral health!

Wrapping Gifts

Have a mountain of gifts that need to be wrapped and you haven’t even begun? When there’s a frenzy of gift wrap before you, it’s easy to rely on your two hands and then to bring your smile into the mix for extra support. We strongly advise against this! One wrong move and you might find yourself with a broken tooth because you thought tearing open a package, holding something with your teeth when your hands were too busy, etc., was no biggie. Avoid the unexpected need for restorative care this year by instead protecting your oral health by not using your smile for anything other than its usual functions.

Wassail (And More)

Wassail! Wine! Hot apple cider! Champagne! It’s all very holiday-inspired and it’s all very acidic, too, which is bad news for your oral health. Avoid it when possible (or get very used to rinsing with water afterwards!).

Avoid Accidental Smile Damage This Holiday

Ensure you’re on the straight and narrow this holiday season by taking good care of your smile as usual and by keeping an eye out for any additional hazards. Ask us for help if you need further advice or care! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.