Holiday Goals: Is It Too Late?

Perhaps when the year began, you had a quick mental conversation with yourself about some of the things you wanted to accomplish for the year in terms of your smile! Like many of our Ankeny, IA patients, this may have included (at least in part) a deadline of the winter holiday season. As the year went on, you may have added some additional goals to the list. However, now the season has essentially begun, you’re seeing holiday decor in every store window, and you’re thinking: Am I too late? As always, it’s never too late for smile care! As for achieving those unique goals of yours, let’s discuss!

For A Prettier Smile?

We know that you may be worrying at the moment that it’s just too late for a prettier smile! You would love to pick out a great holiday outfit and feel good knowing your best accessory if your grin but you’re wondering: Did I just wait too long? Well, that depends! If your oral health is just fine at the moment and you qualify for cosmetic smile care as a result, then you can most likely squeak on in here, receive a treatment like teeth whitening, and then head out to those festive parties with the smile you were hoping for!

To Address Cavities?

Nope. Of course it’s not too late to address cavities! It’s also a very good idea to take care of them with our beautiful tooth-colored fillings before the holidays are truly unfolding. Why is that? Well, when you have even a tiny cavity in your tooth, the decay compromises the strength and stability of your tooth (and exposes nerves). So, getting through holiday meals may become uncomfortable and may also pose a threat of a broken tooth! Call us ASAP.

For A Final Checkup?

Do you want to see us for your final checkup and you’re realizing that you’re getting shorter and shorter on time? Scoot on in here for your final dental checkup and cleaning of the year, so you can enjoy the holidays with the peace of mind (and plaque and tartar removal) you need for your smile! All it takes is contacting our team today.

To Figure Out What’s Wrong?

Think something is wrong? We’re not going to make you wait until the season is over! Come in for a visit and any smile care you need!

Get Your Smile Geared Up For Holiday Time!

Schedule any appointments you need or want for your smile just as soon as you can, if you’re hoping to achieve goals either with the health or beauty of your smile before you’re celebrating the winter holidays! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.