Smile Care Breakdown: The Stuff You’re Wasting! 

Usually, you think about what you’re creating, doing, and accomplishing on behalf of your smile when you’re taking care of it. However, there comes a point when you may notice that there seems to be something wasteful about some aspect of your smile care. Or, you may not realize it in a very conscious way but may have some sense of feeling a bit fatigued by something. So, what might you be able to tighten up in terms of your approach, so you’re using only as much of the products you have, the time you have, and more? Our Ankeny, IA team is here to help and enlighten!

Your Toothpaste!

It’s very possible that you’re wasting some of your toothpaste. We realize that this may be something you’ve already figured out! However, if not, then you may be using more product than you need to, which means you’re likely using multiple additional tubes each year, which equates to wasted money, too! So, what’s the right amount for each dental hygiene session? About a pea-size amount on your toothbrush. No more than that. Really.

Your Own Time (If…)

Did you know that you might actually be wasting your own time in terms of smile care but you just don’t realize it? When it comes to the stuff we suggest, such as the two-minute brushing sessions twice a day and the one-time daily flossing, this is something you need to do all the time. However, what we mean by wasting your own time is: If you’re only doing your home care but you’re not following through with professional care, you’re doing what you need to do but it’s not going to yield optimal results. Why not make that time you’re spending count for even more beneficial oral health impact by completing your prevention, rather than just doing part of it?


It’s very easy to turn the water on, begin brushing your teeth, and to allow the water to continue flowing from the faucet for the two full minutes. Maybe you stick around in the bathroom. Maybe you walk around your home! Whatever the case, we remind you that you’re wasting a lot more water than you may realize! We also remind patients that the easy solution during smile care includes: Just turning the water off until you need it again!

Tighten Up Your Smile Care Approach

Make sure you’re using only as much as you need to use during your smile care, whether that includes your toothpaste, effort, money, or anything else! Streamline your approach to smile care with our help! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.