3 Reasons To Start Scheduling Regular Dental Exams Again

As you think about the start of the new year, and begin looking for improvements you can make to your life, take some time to think about the care you put into your smile. If you no longer make a point of seeing your dentist for preventive care, restarting this habit can have benefits that last beyond 2020! At every exam, patients receive care in the form of an expert teeth cleaning, and a review that can lead to the discovery and treatment of any problems that have gone unnoticed since your last appointment. These regular dental checkups can help you keep your enamel in good health, so that your smile continues to look its best. These visits are also a great chance to learn about many important services your dentist can offer – for instance, our practice can help you deal with problems caused by nightly teeth grinding, as well as troubles with sleep apnea.

1. Without Professional Teeth Cleanings, Tartar Can Remain On Your Smile

Every professional teeth cleaning you receive is capable of doing something your brushing and flossing habits cannot. Tartar deposits that have formed on your teeth over time remain in place until they are professionally removed. Until that removal occurs, any hardened deposits that might be present on your teeth are able to cause cavities, and may cause you to develop gum disease. While it is possible for you to keep tartar from forming, be advised that this substance can form in a short period, and it can be a prolonged problem without professional care.

2. You Can Avoid Potentially Painful Problems With Advanced Tooth Decay

The time a cavity has to damage your tooth can be the difference between a patient receiving a dental filling, and that patient having to receive a dental crown that covers their entire tooth above the gum line. You will not be able to stop a cavity from growing once it has formed. In order to avoid complications that tooth decay can cause, it is important to see your dentist on a regular basis to have reviews performed.

3. Consistent Care Can Help You Maintain Your Smile

With regular exams and cleanings, along with quality feedback from your dentist, you can have an easier time keeping your teeth in good health. You can avoid damage from decay over time, and you can make sure a problem like bruxism is addressed before it causes enamel serious wear and tear to occur. As a result, your smile can maintain its best appearance for a longer period of time, allowing you to remain confident in the way you look!

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