Creating A Plan For Better Smile Health In 2020

The arrival of the new year can encourage all of us to think about different opportunities to improve the way we live our lives. If you have struggled with cavities in the past, or if you want to make sure your teeth stay in great shape, start thinking about how you can improve your smile care routine in 2020. If you identify opportunities to improve your smile health through better at-home care, you can avoid problems with gum disease, as well as issues with tooth decay that require restorative dental care. Of course, if you want to be serious about oral care, make sure you also have expert preventive dental appointments scheduled. Our Ankeny, IA dental practice is ready to provide you with important services in a friendly and modern environment!

Make Sure You Schedule Regular Dental Exams For The New Year

A person who wants to keep their teeth in good health should plan to attend checkups every six months, which means you should see your dentist at least two times this next year. If you have not been consistent about oral care in the past, you may have problems with tartar buildup, or even untreated cavities. For people who have been diligent about scheduling checkups, continued expert support can help them keep their smile in better condition.

Look For Ways To Improve Your Daily Oral Care Routine

While there are several steps you can take to improve your daily oral care routine, one step you should NOT take is to implement a more aggressive brushing motion. People sometimes assume they can remove harmful agents more effectively with aggressive motions, but what they can wind up doing is wearing down their enamel. If you are looking for positive changes that can benefit you, consider:

  • Spending more time brushing – you should spend at least two minutes during each session
  • Flossing every day
  • Consistently replacing your brush every three months, or as soon as the bristles start to show signs of wear and tear

We Can Also Offer A Big Confidence Boost For 2020 With Cosmetic Work

If you want to show off your best smile in 2020, consider cosmetic dental treatment. A relatively conservative procedure may be all it takes to help you address certain flaws with the shape, size, or condition of teeth that have left you feeling self-conscious. After identifying what changes you hope to make, we can provide you with options, and look for the clearest path toward revealing your best smile!

Talk To Dental Impressions About Improving Your Smile Health In 2020

At Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, we are ready to help patients show off amazing smiles in 2020…and beyond! If you want to plan preventive dental care, or if you have questions about services we offer to help you improve your smile, you can  by calling the Dental Impressions office today at (515) 965-0230.