Can Bonding And Contouring Work Restore An Injured Tooth?

While it is hard to completely ignore a dental injury, some forms of tooth trauma can demand more concern than others. The severity of your injury can certainly impact how you respond to the problem. When it comes to the effect of an injury on your smile, the location of damage also matters. In some cases, it may be possible to restore an injured tooth through conservative cosmetic dental treatment. For relatively minor damages, your Ankeny, IA dentist may suggest restoring the appearance of a tooth through bonding and contouring work. Because this care does not require any restorations, it can be completed in less time – and with less work – than other procedures.

An Injured Tooth Can Hurt The Quality Of Your Smile

It can be hard to ignore the change in your appearance when you experience an injured tooth. This can be particularly true if your injury is in a hard-to-miss space, leaving you little chance of hiding your cracked or chipped tooth from view. Injuries that affect a tooth can be permanent without treatment, so the problem can remain a concern for you until you have treatment performed.

Bonding And Contouring Procedures Offer Results With Conservative Care

For some issues around dental damage, bonding and contouring work can be beneficial. This treatment approach relies on the careful reshaping of a tooth and/or treatment with a composite resin material to hide flaws. The contouring process is a safe and cautious treatment that can make a jagged or uneven tooth look straight again. During the bonding procedure, the composite substance we apply is able to hide any visible chips or cracks in a tooth while also providing improvements to a tooth’s color.

We May Need To Address The Health And Appearance Of Your Injured Tooth

It is not always appropriate to address a dental injury with cosmetic dental work. It is important to check on the health of a tooth before moving forward with this care, as there may be more than just physical damage to worry about. An injury can affect your ability to bite and chew, and may lead to an infection if it is not treated. To address these concerns, we can perform restorative dental work, including the placement of a lifelike dental crown, to restore both your tooth’s appearance and health.

Talk To Dental Impressions In Ankeny, IA About Treating Your Injured Tooth

At Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, patients who have experienced a dental injury can count on our support. After examining the tooth, we can make a recommendation for treatment based on your needs. To find out more about our services, or to learn more about how we resopnd to tooth injuries, call our Ankeny, IA dental practice today at (515) 965-0230.