Dental Exams Can Make It Easier To Remain Cavity-Free

What steps are you currently taking to make sure that your smile stays completely free of cavities? If you have the right preventive care routine in place, you can stop tooth decay before it causes problems that require restorative dental work. At home, you should take the time to brush and floss consistently. You should also make sure that you are eating a smart, low-sugar diet. These steps are important, but remember to have your teeth checked regularly by your Ankeny, IA dentist, even if you feel confident about your habits. Our practice can give you important feedback about the condition of your teeth, and let you know if a problem has developed. If dental decay has formed and it is found during a routine review, it can be addressed before there are complications!

You Can Have A Harder Time Managing Your Oral Health If You Stay Out Of The Dentist’s Chair

If you are not receiving regular dental checkups, it can be difficult for you to fully protect yourself against decay. At these appointments, you receive more than just feedback from an oral health professional. You also receive a routine dental cleaning that removes tartar buildup from your smile. This combination of review and cleaning can be important for keeping your smile out of harm, even if you are doing a good job taking care of your teeth at home.

What To Expect At A Routine Dental Exam

A regular dental exam should take place roughly every six months. By scheduling these procedures, you enjoy consistent reviews that can lead to the discovery and treatment of problems. While it may be upsetting to hear that you have a cavity, learning about the problem before it becomes painful can be beneficial. This is because it can be treated with a dental filling before bacteria are able to infect your tooth. Your visits will also see your hygienist take care of your smile by removing any harmful agents found on your teeth. Cleaning away plaque and tartar will reduce your risk for tooth decay as well as gingivitis. If you already show signs of gingivitis, we can arrange to provide a special periodontal cleaning to stop the problem from growing worse.

Remember To Keep Doing Your Part To Defend Your Smile

You should feel confident that your dentist is doing an effective job taking care of your teeth. With that said, semiannual care should be supplemented by consistent daily support if you really want to avoid difficulties with your smile! If you have questions, we can recommend better habits, and provide guidance to help you do a better job brushing and flossing.

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