How Can You Keep A Tooth Safe After Cavity Treatment?

When a cavity forms, your tooth structure suffers permanent damage from decay. What can you do to make sure that your tooth stays safe after this has occurred? As part of your restorative dental treatment, your Ankeny, IA dentist’s office provides a permanent restoration to keep the tooth in good health. The dental filling or dental crown that you receive will prevent future infections while also helping you bite and chew without problems. If you want to make sure that your restored tooth stays safe, make sure you keep up with good brushing and flossing habits to avoid further oral health problems. You should also be careful to address issues like teeth grinding, which can hurt your enamel as well as a restoration.

Cavities Do Permanent Damage To Your Tooth Structure

The unfortunate truth is that your tooth will not heal on its own if you have a cavity. Because of this, the work provided to deal with decay will see you receive a permanent restoration. The filling or crown put in place is intended to provide protection for the lifetime of the tooth. Without that protection, you could suffer physical damage, or become vulnerable to an infection.

Will You Need A Dental Filling Or A Crown?

The choice to place a dental filling or dental crown will be based on the severity of your cavity. Dental filings are the more conservative treatment option, which is why they are used whenever possible to deal with decay. These restorations only cover the portion of a tooth where decay formed, and leave the remaining structure alone. This may not be enough support for your tooth if a cavity is too large. A dental crown can cover all of your tooth above the gum line, preserving its health while also providing protection whenever you bite and chew.

Your Dental Work Can Preserve Your Appearance

Both dental fillings and dental crowns can be made with materials that imitate the color and texture of your healthy enamel. Because of this, your treatment can lead to the recovery of your smile. Fillings can be made with a composite resin material that matches your enamel and even bonds to it, providing a lasting hold. While different material types are available to make dental crowns, including metal for crowns that need to protect back teeth, you do have the option of receiving a porcelain crown that can provide cosmetic benefits.

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