Protect Your Smile Against Dental Wear And Tear

Every time you enjoy a meal, your teeth have to perform the work of tearing and breaking down food, a process that can create more pressure and friction than you might realize. Fortunately, we can count on the protection of remarkably strong dental enamel, which makes it possible for us to consume tougher foods. With that said, the friction created by biting and chewing can gradually wear down your teeth. This may have little visible effect on some people, but others may notice changes in the shape and general appearance of their smile because of it. The problems with wear and tear can be more difficult to ignore when someone has naturally weaker enamel, or when they have issues with teeth grinding. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office can help you address wear and tear, and let you know if this problem might be affecting your oral health or dental function.

What Is My Risk For Dental Wear And Tear?

Over time, layers of a person’s dental enamel can erode as they continue to bite and chew through the years. This does not mean that everyone is destined to have worn, misshapen teeth in their lifetimes! By keeping up with good oral care habits, you can keep your teeth strong and minimize this effect on your smile. However, if you have a tendency to grind your teeth, or if you enjoy chewing on hard surfaces as an idle habit, you can wear them down prematurely and create more noticeable issues.

Putting A Stop To A Teeth Grinding Habit

A teeth grinding habit, also known as bruxism, does more than just wear down enamel. In time, the pressure from clenching and grinding can affect the alignment and overall condition of your jaw joints, which can lead to persistent pain. You also have to worry about your teeth chipping or cracking under pressure! Because people who have this problem often grind their teeth at night, they can have a hard time addressing it. Through the use of a custom appliance from your dentist, you can keep your smile safe while you rest.

Your Diet Choices Can Weaken Your Enamel

If you regularly enjoy acidic foods and drinks, you may be weakening your enamel. Soft drinks can be particularly concerning when it comes to wearing down teeth. After all, these drinks are acidic as well as sugar-heavy, which makes them a cavity risk. Talk to your dentist if you have concerns about your diet’s impact on your smile.

Discuss Dental Wear And Tear With Your Ankeny, IA Dentist

At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, patients who are worried about their teeth can count on our support over time. With the right professional care, along with care at home, you can have an easier time avoiding gradual changes in your smile that might affect your appearance and oral health. To find out more, please call Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230.