Oral Health Problems Can Affect You In Worrying Ways

How serious can a dental problem really become? When oral health issues are promptly identified at routine dental exams and addressed, you can avoid painful symptoms or worrying complications. However, people who go without routine checkups can allow a problem to worsen, unknowingly putting themselves at risk for complications that impact their smile as well as their general health. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is prepared to help individuals take on these problems. At regular checkups, we can identify problems early and treat them before they worsen. If you come in to see us out of concern for an active issue, we can evaluate the situation and find the right solution to restore your smile.

Can A Problem With My Smile Really Affect My General Health?

Problems with your dental and periodontal health can wind up affecting more than just your smile. Gum disease is a potentially serious issue, one that can actually result in the loss of teeth if it is not being managed properly. It can also lead to problems for your overall well-being, as bacteria that cause inflammation can move to different parts of your body and affect their health. This may result in a greater risk for heart disease, or it can make any existing health issues you have harder to manage. If you have a cavity that continues to worsen, bacteria may travel through the roots of a tooth and create new problems for your health.

The Importance Of Timely Cavity Treatment

If a cavity is caught in time, your treatment can be complete after a decayed area is removed and restored with a dental filling. If a cavity goes undetected, it can continue to destroy your enamel, creating more harm than a filling can safely address. When too much damage takes place, it is necessary to use a dental crown instead of a filling. The crown calls for more modification of your enamel, as it completely covers your tooth above the gum line. When decay grows too severe, there may be no way to save the tooth as bacteria spread through its roots.

The Worrying Effects Of Poor Periodontal Health

Gingivitis is something that can be addressed through a deep periodontal cleaning. Unfortunately, more severe periodontal problems can create lasting health issues that lead to potential complications impacting your general health. An advanced infection is also a concern for your smile, as bacteria that attack periodontal tissues can destroy the support for your teeth. Prosthetic dental work is often required for individuals who have developed complications related to gum disease.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office About Restoring Your Oral Health

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