Discussing Snoring And Sleep Apnea At A Dental Exam

If you have a problem with snoring at night, you may prefer to generally keep it to yourself. What you should know is that keeping this from your dentist can lead to you missing out on beneficial care! At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we are prepared to talk with patients about addressing a problem with snoring, particularly if the problem is connected to sleep apnea. Sleep apnea leads to more than just noisy rest – in time, it will rob a person of their ability to enjoy proper rest, making them vulnerable to emotional and physical difficulties. We may be able to help you sleep more peacefully, and without snoring, by using a custom appliance that keeps your breathing passages clear.

Why Should You Discuss Snoring With Your Dentist?

While it may seem odd to mention snoring during a routine oral health evaluation, troubles with nightly breathing can actually be treated with a custom oral appliance. With that appliance, you can make sure that your airways remain unblocked as you rest. That leads to more beneficial rest throughout the night, as there will be no interruptions that force your body awake and break your rest cycle.

Other Signs Of Sleep Apnea You Should Know About

Snoring troubles are not the only symptom of sleep apnea. Knowing what else this condition can do to you is important, as its effects can worsen in time without treatment. Are you having a more difficult time waking up feeling refreshed? Do you have problems with headaches or a sore throat upon waking? Have you lacked focus and energy of late? These are all problems that can be linked to sleep deprivation, something that sleep apnea can put you through. If you believe you are resting enough but still struggle to feel refreshed, sleep apnea could be why.

Dental Exams Can Benefit Your Overall Health

While routine dental exams help us find out if you need restorative dental work for cavities, there are other benefits to these appointments. At exams, your teeth will be professionally cleaned so that tartar buildup is no longer present. You also have your oral health thoroughly evaluated so that problems beyond tooth decay, like bruxism or sleep apnea, can be identified and treated.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Troubles With Snoring And Sleep Apnea

If you think you might be snoring, or that you have unresolved difficulties with sleep apnea, let our practice know! Those who struggle with this condition and do not seek treatment can suffer from chronic fatigue, a lack of energy, irritability, and physical concerns. For more information on what this problem can do to you, and how it can be treated, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.