Are Caffeinated Drinks Interfering With Your Oral Hygiene?

Is there an obstacle between you and a healthy smile that you are overlooking? Has it been hard for you to prevent cavities despite routinely seeing your dentist for checkups, brushing, and flossing? Diet changes may be necessary if you want to keep your smile truly safe. While caffeine is popular for its ability to give people quick energy boosts, many of the drinks we enjoy that contain this stimulant can cause problems for our teeth. Depending on your caffeinated beverage of choice, you may be exposing yourself to excess sugars and particles that stain teeth! At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we can help you deal with problems that arise, but we can also help you identify changes in your habits that can benefit your oral health in the long run.

Your Diet Can Make Cavity Prevention More Difficult

It may be harder to completely avoid problems with tooth decay and dental discoloration because of your caffeine consumption. While not all caffeinated beverages contain sugar, many do, which means they provide more food for the oral bacteria that cause dental decay. These beverages also tend to be acidic. That property is a concern because it means that your drink choices can soften and weaken your enamel, leading to more vulnerability to decay.

Issues With Popular Caffeinated Drinks You Should Know About

How worried should you be about your caffeinated drink of choice?

  • Non-diet soft drinks and energy drinks can be packed with sugar, making them a cavity risk. Even if you choose sugar-free options, the acidity of these drinks should worry you.
  • Drinks like coffee and tea can be enjoyed without sugar. However, they can still pose problems by staining your teeth, and because they are acidic.

While it can be difficult to immediately drop all caffeine consumption, cutting back can be good for your smile. Substituting these beverages with water can help you stay hydrated, which boosts your natural ability to fight oral bacteria.

Your Drink Choices Can Also Lead To Teeth Stains

You have more to worry about than just problems that require dental fillings or dental crowns when you regularly consume caffeine. These drinks are often rich or dark in color, and the particles they leave behind on your enamel can dull your smile. If you have noticeable changes in the way you look, it may take a professional whitening treatment to give you real improvements.

Our Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office Can Help You Maintain Healthy Teeth!

At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, individuals who worry about their teeth can learn how smart diet changes provide lasting benefits. If you have questions about your oral health routine, if you have a particular concern about the condition of your teeth, or if you just wish to schedule an appointment, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.