What Will It Take To Stay Protected Against Gingivitis?

Have you recently checked your smile for any signs of gingivitis? Hopefully, you are free of any periodontal problems. Infections are prevented with smart habits at home, as thorough brushing and flossing will remove unwelcome bacteria that can attack these tissues. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we can help you when you do show signs of gingivitis. With a periodontal cleaning, we can remove unwelcome agents from beneath your gum line to stop gingivitis before it worsens. You should make sure that you continue to do your part to protect against this problem. Keep up with good brushing and flossing habits, and make sure that you watch for any indicators of an infection.

Take The Time To Floss Each Day

If you are not flossing on a daily basis, you are giving bacteria the opportunity to form plaque, and ultimately tartar. When those formations build at your gum line, they make you vulnerable to infections that result in gingivitis. In order to protect these spaces, you need to do more than just brush. A toothbrush on its own is less effective against bacteria and food debris that make their way in between teeth. Fortunately, we have the ability to clean these areas when we make time to floss. To make this routine effective against gingivitis, take the time to thoroughly clean at the base of your teeth.

Consistently Fight The Buildup Of Tartar

What leads to tartar formation? Not long after plaque deposits form, they can harden to a sticky substance – plaque – that your toothbrush and floss are not able to remove. By committing to the prevention of tartar formation, you will be able to lower your risk for problems with your oral health, and you can make sure that unsightly deposits do not form on your teeth. Your hygienist will remove any tartar buildup for you during a routine cleaning.

Keep Scheduling Regular Dental Exams

If any oral health problems affect you, your dentist can find them and recommend treatment. For cavities, we can discuss the placement of a dental filling or dental crown after removing decay. If you show signs of gingivitis, we can support you by having you undergo a periodontal cleaning. This procedure removes harmful bacteria that have gathered below your gum line, stopping an infection by removing the agents responsible and giving your gums time to heal.

Our Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office Can Protect You Against Gingivitis

Your Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is prepared to help you if you show signs of gingivitis. Of course, we can also help you prevent these problems by recommending good habits that keep your smile safe. To learn more, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.