How Implant Dentistry Can Change Your Dental Health

The immediate consequences of tooth loss can be difficult to avoid or ignore. Your appearance may be significantly altered by the gap in your smile. Even if it is not, you can quickly grow frustrated with the impact of that space on your bite function and ability to speak comfortably. Over time, patients with missing teeth can become aware of the long-term problems facing those with an incomplete smile. It may be difficult for you to avoid losing more teeth, as those teeth next to a gap have less support. Also, the change in your bite function can lead to TMJ problems that increase your risk for teeth grinding and other problems. Our Ankney, IA dentist’s office is prepared to help you deal with this problem. Through implant dentistry, we can make sure that your replacement tooth provides lasting cosmetic and functional support!

The Consequences Of Tooth Loss Can Be Worse Than You Realize

You may not realize just how much your lost tooth will affect you when it is first extracted, or after it falls out on its own. The difficulties it causes for your bite function can lead to chronic pain and stiffness in your joints, and that can make you more likely to suffer headaches, facial pain, and problems with bruxism. Because the teeth at either side of your gap have less support, they may shift in time, and can even loosen to the point of being lost themselves. One long-term issue with tooth loss that can surprise you is a loss of density in your jawbone. This occurs because a tooth’s roots are no longer present to stimulate the bone and signal for the delivery of nutrients to it. While a dental bridge can address many of the troubles related to tooth loss, the implant is needed if you hope to preserve the health and size of your jawbone.

Making Time To Discuss Implant Dentistry

At our practice, we can take the time to walk you through the benefits of implant dentistry. The implant is not the replacement tooth itself but a small titanium post that keeps it secured to your jawbone. The implant effectively acts like a tooth’s roots, providing stability, stimulation for your jawbone, and more support for neighboring teeth.

Can Your Treatment Protect You From Losing More Teeth?

With your dental implant in place, you can give neighboring teeth more support, you can prevent jawbone deterioration, and you can return to a more comfortable bite function. These changes can make you less likely to lose more teeth as well as less likely to struggle with chronic jaw aches and pains.

Your Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office Is Ready To Help You Restore Your Full Smile

Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is prepared to meet with patients who are worried about the effect of tooth loss on their dental health and appearance. If you have questions for us, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.