How Your Child’s Oral Health Needs Can Differ From Yours

Children go through a process of gaining, losing, and then regaining teeth through the years. This growth and development of a young person’s smile is just one example of how children’s oral health needs differ from adults’ needs. Kids also need help protecting their teeth, and eventually they will require guidance on how they can keep their smile safe from cavities on their own. Parents have large roles to play in helping kids grow up with healthy, happy smiles, but they can rely on our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office for support. During routine pediatric dental exams, we can monitor a child’s development of their oral structures, provide protection against dental decay and gum disease, and even help kids learn the importance of good oral hygiene!

How Can You Be Sure Your Child Is Safe From Dental Trouble?

Cavities are a problem that everyone should worry about. While kids can lack a clear understanding of what causes cavities and why they should be avoided, they remain vulnerable to them. Parents will provide direct support by brushing and flossing a child’s smile at first, and eventually by showing them how to floss and brush on their own. At all times, you can have some concerns about whether your child’s teeth are truly as safe as they should be. Fortunately, this is a matter you can discuss with your dentist!

The Benefits Of Early Dental Checkups

At early dental exams, kids develop a sense of comfort and safety with their dentist, and with the dental office environment. This makes subsequent visits less alarming, and it can make them more receptive to information on oral care. Once they are old enough, children will start to enjoy the same preventive services that parents receive during their dental exams, though kids can also enjoy some extra guidance on at-home care. Through the right early support, kids can become better equipped to take care of their teeth on their own.

What You Can Do To Set The Right Example For Kids

Your dentist is not the only one who can – and should – give kids guidance on good oral health care. You should do your part by showing them how to properly brush and floss, and by encouraging them to be smart about their diet choices. If your kids are nearing the age where they can brush and floss for themselves, have them show you what their idea of good form looks like so that you can correct them and offer more support. When they begin to clean their teeth without you, it is a good idea to check in and make sure they are sticking to good habits.

Set Up Oral Health Care For Your Child At Our Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office

Families in and around the Ankeny, IA area can count on our practice to help their kids grow up with healthy and happy smiles! To find out how we can help your family, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.