How Bonding Treatment Restores Chipped And Cracked Teeth

The quality of your smile can change in an instant if you chip or crack a tooth. A visibly injured tooth can draw unwanted attention, interfere with your smile symmetry, and change how others perceive you. You also have to worry about the damage interfering with your bite function, or making you more likely to develop an infection that threatens your oral health. Your Ankeny, IA dentist is prepared to help you restore a tooth affected by physical damage. Under many circumstances, we can restore a person’s appearance by performing tooth bonding and contouring work. This cosmetic dental procedure carefully changes a tooth’s shape and size without the need for a custom restoration. It also enables us to hide chips and cracks discreetly.

Even “Minor” Injuries Should Be Taken Seriously

Even if your tooth injury seems minor, take it seriously. That small amount of damage can worsen as you continue to apply pressure to the tooth by biting and chewing. In time, that can lead to damage that is harder to ignore. It also leaves you vulnerable to trouble with infection. An infected tooth can become painful or sensitive, and without treatment the problem can lead to tooth loss and the spread of harmful bacteria!

Scheduling A Tooth Bonding And Contouring Procedure

After examining a tooth, your dentist will be able to recommend treatment. A conservative cosmetic procedure can improve your smile and prevent complications with your oral health while minimizing changes to its structure. Tooth bonding and contouring work can actually improve the way you look without capping a tooth with a dental veneer or dental crown. Because no restoration is needed, the procedure can be finished in just a single appointment. The contouring process changes a tooth’s shape, and can smooth out an awkward or unsightly chip. Bonding treatment will cover the surface of your enamel with a composite material that becomes permanently fixed in place. In addition to tinting it so that it matches your smile color, we can apply the substance to hide trauma and positively change a tooth’s shape or size.

Other Services We Can Offer To Restore Damaged Teeth

We offer several treatment options that restore damaged teeth. While porcelain veneers take longer to craft and place, they provide more durability than tooth bonding treatment. If your injury needs more than cosmetic support, we can place a dental crown. A custom dental crown will be carefully designed to fit without interfering with neighboring teeth. It will provide functional support for your bite while also protecting the remaining structure from damage.

Discuss Dental Bonding And Contouring With Your Ankeny, IA Dentist

Tooth bonding and contouring treatment can discreetly and conservatively change your tooth structure while producing significant smile improvements. If you have questions about this or any other treatment option that we offer, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.